Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Olympus has Fallen (2013)

I've had a full weekend and I'm still not in my best mood for writing. So, I've decided for something light .. maybe too light. In general I prefer having entries that I can positively recommend, but since the ratings in the end are (in theory) from 1 to 5 I guess from time to time I can justify having here something like: "if you want to feel good about having an IQ above 50, watch this movie". So, in case is not clear yet, "Olympus has Fallen" also falls in this category. Details ...

Not to be completely against it I have give it credit for being .. funny. Unintentionally, but still if you take it as a comedy it can rescue itself. So, let's follow this line. We have him (Gerard Butler), Secret Service agent sent to the treasury security after he manages to save the life of the U.S. president from an accident. The reason for that: he didn't have time also for the First Lady, and the president suffers from depressive attacks remembering the scene when he sees the guy who rescued him. Our brave agent still cares though about the safety of the supreme ruler, and periodically tries to find out how things are going in the White House (ok, to be fair, this piece of beginning in the movie is actually acceptable, but still it deserves its dose of sarcasm for what followed). So, we get like this to a situation that wants to look like an alternative to the ultra-bashed Die Hard 5. In a sunny day, from the East, a big military transport plane (apparently a Hercules) gets like teleported into Washington D.C.'s air space, and cuts like cheese with an efficacy that would make Tony Stark's armed division proud, through two fighters sent to tell hello, after which also shreds the White House. Sufficient enough that the president, with all his staff, to retire in a secret subterranean bunker. And obviously, not to give a bad name to the U.S. hospitality, contrary to the protocol, he also invites the North Korean delegating which by chance was just visiting. Meanwhile, the Tatar Horde .. or better said, their much more eastern followers assaults the building at ground level. Obviously, the president is taken hostage immediately after the bunker door is sealed from inside so no one could attempt a rescue. But, we lost our hero. The treasury agent remembers that he never got a bullet for the one who dismissed him from the lead position of the presidential guard, and his conscience drives him through the bullets directly into Olympus (the code name for the White House in case it wasn't clear already). Since further than this is quite easy to grasp what follows, I think it's useless to lose time in more details.

But still .. I don't think I justified enough my sarcastic attitude towards this production worthy of a 5 star review in the Army Magazine. Well .. I didn't want to spoil the comic situations, but for me the motive of the terrorist attack was quite enough to form an opinion. Accessing a top secret protocol for ... disarming (yes, disarming) all U.S. nuclear warheads (altogether). Maybe it sounds a bit weird. My bad .. I've omitted a detail. It's not disarming in the terms normal sense, it's a destruction of the missiles through self-detonation (even if they're not launched). 4th of July fireworks TM design ;)

Rating: 2 out of 5 (to keep the spirit: 1 point goes to the hacker girl :P .. even if what she was doing was quite far from hacking, but let's get over it)

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