Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)

With the risk to lose my credibility for good ( even if I managed to nail some Oscars, so it might have risen a bit ;) ) I've decided to write this entry. "Die Hard" was for me, and still remains the best action movie franchise. The second would be "Lethal Weapon", and the third is too far to think on which is exactly. Maybe the "fault" for this lies in the fact that the decades '80-'90 mostly covered both = I was easier to impress at that age. In any case, when I heard that "Die Hard 5" was bashed by everybody I thought that I'll change my top. As I was saying, still, it remains (as a series) there on the 1st place :)

I have to admit that the movie is quite weak. But not that pathetic as I was expecting and as I was made to believe by all the reviews that I've went over. The directing and the editing are indeed a disaster (John Moore - "Max Payne" was enough to expect that). The script though, that everybody complains of, is not that bad, but I have to admit that it looks a bit .. mutilated = cut from an extended version. To add more to the downsides, Bruce Willis seems a bit too bored of life in his role (even if he acts as John McClane). And still ...

The story itself wasn't bad, but was brought down by the rest of the production which as I was saying seems that shortened the script. Even so, we have a twist towards the end, but again it could have probably handled better on screen. There are a couple of action sequences that are above everything I've seen in "Transformers" for example, and we're not talking about 3D here. Despite the lack of realism, these still look more believable than what we had in the previous. From what I'm usually writing it should be clear that I'm not the one to fall for something like that, but in this case I've actually felt the need to mention it. Besides that, the cinematography is decently worked out, with quite powerful filters on some scenes, which remind me more about the first three movies in the series than the fourth did. To conclude, I have to admit that the directing makes a difference. Unfortunately John McTiernan is not active anymore to see any chances to get to what it was for the 6th part (and since I was mentioning "Lethal Weapon" I don't think Richard Donner will direct either for the fifth which seems to have chances to get produced). Even so, I would still give some chance to another "Die Hard". Who knows ;) ...

Rating: 3 out of 5

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